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These files are freely provided without any warranty! They've been collected from the internet, or uploaded by users. Dripspeed is not liable for any damage to your vehicle!
Filename Description

$EC.XDF These file was developed by Wester's Garage. We unknowingly posted this file. Sorry Wester!

$FD.XDF This is the manual transmission version of the above file. Applies to most 94-95 manuals.

A225_1_0.adx This is an incomplete data logging definition file. Works with most 94-95 6.5 applications. Is being actively improved upon.

These are older XDF files found around the internet. They are included here for your own experimentation. $ECS is specifically for non-turbo applications.

BIN Images
Stock/OEM BIN Files
Filename User Base Image OEM/Modified Date Uploaded Description

BNTK.binDripspeedBNTKStock20-Aug-2012 03:14:10Stock 1995 F-code Manual Transmission

BPAA.BINDripspeedBPAAStock16-Aug-2012 07:38:20Stock Image. 1995 F-Code Automatic.

BPDP.BINDripspeedBPDPStock16-Aug-2012 07:39:01Stock Image. 1994 S-Code Automatic

BNTB.binDripspeedBNTBStock29-Aug-2012 01:39:42Stock image BNTB.

BPBS 3500HD.binquadstar87BPBSStock23-Feb-2015 11:46:24Stock BPBS image for C3500 HD with 4L80E Transmission

User Contributed BIN Images
Filename User Base Image OEM/Modified Date Uploaded Description

BPAA_8-2-12.binDripspeedBPAAModified16-Aug-2012 12:48:58Aggressive fueling and boost changes, +2 degrees of timing everywhere. Removed over/under boost. 5mph minimum cruise controls speed. I daily this, but its quite capable of melting your engine down!

BPAA-THEFERMANATOR.binDripspeedBPAAModified16-Aug-2012 12:50:42WRITTEN BY THEFERMANATOR Nothing special, and will run mostly stock to 3/4 throttle. Should have a decent kick up top at WOT. Reduced boost for cruise to help with milage, and some added advance as well for cruise(and a slight bump up top).

BPAA_8-21-12.binDripspeedBPAAModified21-Aug-2012 16:47:07Based on 8-2-12 image. Slight less aggressive boost numbers, smoothed fuel delivery curve. 1.5 degrees more timing in cruise rpm/load range.